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We at Cole Family Chiropractic are excited about treating children...

as we feel that the earliest detection and management of interferences to a very immature nervous system, will give the child the best opportunity to attain optimum health.

In this sense, as birth is such a traumatic experience to the newborn baby with a thorough History and careful assessment procedure, we are able to inform parents that restrictions in movement could be reflected in possible vertebral misalignments which we term Vertebral subluxations. These entities may contribute to childhood conditions such as, Irritable Baby syndrome, poor attachment and for older children minor trauma, sporting injuries and more presently postural dysfunction from IT overuse.

Dr Brett Cole (chiropractor) has had many years’ experience in assessing, treating and providing relevant education to parents and children on the best course of action to attain a very strong and healthy nervous system as to maintain optimum health. As previously stated,  he has undertaken Postgraduate studies in the management of children and continues to enhance his knowledge in this area.


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